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Lastest Articles

Spring Flavors Camping Recipe Collection


Spring Grilled Salads and Grilling Favorites

With spring comes longer days, melting snow and the first tender blossoms and the beginning of grilling season.  (I really never stop grilling - I've grilled at Steaks and Salmon for a group of 12 at 9,000 ft in a late spring Colorado snow storm, I've grilled a turkey breast in a torrential soaking rain on the Rougue River for Thanksgiving - but that's another story for another time.)

Spring is the official start to "grilling season" - with an abundance of warmer, sunny and mild days.  So if your grill has been in storage now's the time to get it out, tune it up and get grilling. 

Here are a few of my favorite spring camping recipes:

Grilled Salads:

Thai Beef Salad

Chicken Salad with Nectarines in Mint Vinaigrette

Grill Recipe Favorites:

Jerk Rubbed Grill Turkey

Citrus Grilled Snapper with Roasted Pineapple

Grilled corn-on-the cob

Apple Truffle Roasted Garlic Pizza


Learn more about the art and science of grilling

Classic Camping Recipes


Quick and Easy Dinners for the RV and Campfire

RVing and camping provide great opportunities to enjoy the freshest ingredients, cooked in the simplest manner. Campfire cooking allows you to cook in one of the most simple ways and really enjoy the flavors of the food you are eating. One great menu, either for campers or RVers is Pan Fried Trout with Corn on the Cob and Cornbread.


Pan Fried Trout
Dutch Oven Cornbread

Recipes for a 4th of July Celebration

Celebrate Independence Day with a Red, White and Blue Themed Barbecue.

Gather family and friends and celebrate the hard earned freedom of America.  I’ve collected a fun group of red, white and blue recipes to help kick start your own special 4th of July festivities.

The fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays.  The days are long and warm.  Family and friends have gathered for good food and conversation.  As night finally falls, the national anthem plays ti the sights and sound of fireworks.  My breath catches in my throat and I remember just how fortunate we are to be in America.  I remember our founding fathers and the wisdom they brought to creating this great country.  I remember my ancestors who immigrated from Ireland and Italy just two generations ago.  And I say a quick prayer of thanksgiving and protection for our soldiers serving throughout the world to insure our freedom and our way of life.  From Alaska to Florida and all points in between this is a great country, filled with great people – truly a reason to celebrate!

Favorite Mexican Recipes

Favorite Mexican Food Recipes for Camping and RVing

Mexican food is always fun and festive and a real hit for camping and RVing trips.  Many recipes are easy to create and with a "do-it-yourself" taco bar, you can satisfy even the pickiest eater in the group.


Main Dishes:



  • Try some imported Mexican sodas - typically available in most supermarkets next to the Mexican food.
  • Get out the blender or your cocktail shaker and toast summer with the perfect margarita
  • Mexican Beer frosty cold in a tub of ice