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RV Entertaining

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RV Entertaining

When you’re camping, traveling, or living in your RV, it can be a lot of fun to have guests over for a meal.  But how do you manage when your space is limited?  The first trick to RV entertaining is to dine outdoors whenever possible.  If the weather is bad and that isn’t an option, consider trying a progressive meal or transporting your dishes to an RV park meeting room, gazebo, or covered pavilion.

Dining Outdoors

Many RV parks and campgrounds supply a picnic table for every campsite, and this makes a handy seating or staging area for your outdoor meal.  If you have lawn chairs, set those up and let your guests fill a plate at the table, then sit wherever they wish.  Kids may enjoy sitting on logs by the fire or using Crazy Creek camp chairs.

If you’re serious about RV entertaining, you might install an RV Hide-a-Table.  These long tables are fixed to the side of your RV.  When not in use, they fold up against the RV’s side.  The table can be used as a buffet, a craft table, work table, or even as a work bench.

Progressive Meals

This is a festive way to eat a group meal.  Every household (or RV) is assigned one course.  The guests all have a list of the route in advance.  They all meet up at the appetizer RV first, enjoy their starters, then move along to the next stop on the route.  After several courses, the whole thing wraps up with dessert or special drinks at the final RV. 

Dining Indoors

If you must, you can always move your outdoor meal under cover.  When rain is in the forecast, be sure to ask around about covered pavilions or gazebos you could use for your group meal.  If none are available, ask if anyone in your party has an awning on their RV or a large tarp that could be stretched from the roof of the RV to nearby trees or down to a picnic table.  The guests can set up their lawn chairs under the tarp and be nice and dry.  In this case, you might decide to keep all of your dishes inside the RV and have guests go in to plate up.